Principal Software Engineer / Architect

Architects rock-solid platforms • Designs and implements best-of-breed solutions • Effectively communicates with both technical and non-technical peers and partners • Mentors junior developers regarding best practices and professional software development

A professional software engineer with proven experience shipping hundreds of releases of production-quality software, both for end-users’ machines and on servers in the cloud. Passionate about software design at an architectural level and also from a user-interface/user-experience point-of-view. Understands the tradeoffs inherent in getting it out the door. Able to dig deep into existing codebases to understand and successfully refactor and redesign when needed.

Languages and Skills

Javascript/Typescript (full-stack), including React/Redux/Relay and ESM; MongoDB/Mongoose NoSQL; Go-lang; Python; C#/.NET; platform architecture; CI/CD pipelines; Extensibility; Asynchronous Programming; UI/UX development; WPF/XAML; MEF; Reactive Extensions; MVVM; ASP.NET; MVC; MSBuild; PowerShell; C++; Java; SQL; PHP; Perl; Bash


March 2022–present
Principal Software Engineer — Drizly, LLC.

Proposed and/or drove solutions for myriad engineering best practices: engineering reliability, build and deployment pipeline, and testing code coverage.

Developed migration plan for migrating legacy VMs (AWS EC2) to a containerized solution.

Served as gatekeeper for best practices as member of architectural review board.

March 2018–February 2022
Principal Software Engineer — Built For Me, Inc.

Primary software engineer for self-funded startup, developing novel UX for task-tracking and related data management.

Proposed and/or drove solutions for myriad engineering best practices: engineering reliability, build and deployment pipeline, code reviews, adoption of and migration to Typescript, and more.

Designed and implemented novel UX for natural-language-processed user input, providing affordance for adjusting as-recognized terms directly in-place in the editing UI (examples at https://www.untasked.me/).

2014–March 2018
Senior Staff Architect/Engineer Lead, HBO Code Labs — HBO (Home Box Office, Inc.)

Background: HBO offered video streaming services even before Netflix but had a monolithic system that could not handle the demand imposed by Game of Thrones. I helped them navigate the process of migrating to more-scalable microservices and successfully weather the later seasons without service outages.

Proposed and drove the implementation of a continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline that vastly improved reliability and dropped turn-around time from roughly two weeks to less than one hour.

Managed the nascent web-services Platform & Infrastructure team, responsible for maintaining and improving the CI/CD pipeline and promoting engineering “best practices”. We also migrated the entire organization into containerization, further improving CI/CD latency and reducing infrastructure costs.

Built and maintained a tool (with one other engineer) to monitor security and permissions of HBO Code Labs’ myriad external SaaS tools and code repositories. Organization-wide policies became automatable and enforceable using this tool.

Side Projects: These projects were undertaken on my own initiative, based on needs that I saw during day-to-day work.

Created an HBO-internal “homebrew” tap for tools and utilities, to improve discovery and distribution, and to promote sharing.

Created an external-facing SMTP service with an internal-only web UI to facilitate instantaneous signup for SaaS offerings without locking that service to a particular user’s email address or needing an IT-provided email address to be pre-created.

Created an external-facing SMTP service to automatically route email to “top contributors” of any of our code repositories. This was used by the monitoring tool to send repository notifications to active contributors without spamming the entire engineering organization.

Built a search tool to bridge the many disparate sources of information available internally: code repositories, issue trackers, discussion forums, and chat tools.

Senior Software Design Engineer — Microsoft Corporation

Senior Software Design Engineer, Visual Studio — 2009–2013

Designed and implemented the addition of Windows Phone 8.1 support to the AppX manifest designer. New platforms and platform features could be added and the designer UI adapted to the platform features at runtime, resulting in a single codebase to maintain, reducing duplicated code. Redesigned the AppX manifest designer’s multi-resolution image management implementation to handle the UI presentation of hundreds of simultaneous images without adversely impacting responsiveness.

Designed and implemented third-party extensibility point for managing “connected services” used to integrate Windows Azure Mobile Services into end-developer applications. This design was subsequently used as a model for the redesign of the core Visual Studio behavior to “add a new item” of any type to any project.

Designed and implemented tool to migrate thousands of legacy and proprietary setup authoring files into open-source WiX authoring, resulting in significantly improved componentization and flexibility.

Mentored junior developers, focusing on software design and architecture and best practices.

Side Projects: These projects were undertaken on my own initiative, based on needs that I saw during day-to-day work.

Single-handedly wrote a source-code indexing and search service with a web front-end that routinely handles searching through tens of millions of source files in less than one second. This service supports the needs of a few hundred developers, and ran with no noticeable performance impact in the background of my primary development machine.

Created a Visual Studio project “flavor” to add PowerShell-supported deployment for any C#, VB, C++, or JavaScript project. This was inspired by a colleague that disliked managing numerous and disparate separate deployment scripts for prototype hardware projects. My solution enabled embedding the deployment script directly into the project, and tied directly into the Visual Studio “Build.Deploy” command.

Senior Software Design Engineer, Bing — 2007–2009

Led technical and UI/UX design of Bing search relevance experimentation platform and implemented core components, resulting in a more than 100-fold increase in productivity of the Bing search relevance team.

Trained development team in Beijing to assume ongoing responsibility of experimentation platform support and development.

Designed and developed tools to assist in generation and analysis of user search-result click data, resulting in improved search results for time-sensitive queries.

Designed, implemented, and shipped a solution to allow result-specific excerpts to be provided for front-end display, including images, video, table-of-contents-style lists, and user-expandable content, resulting in a patent application.

Software Design Engineer, Windows Live Message Boards — 2006–2007

Designed, developed, and shipped an AJAX-based web UI for a message boards incubation project, resulting in an easily skinnable and flexible product used for MSN, MSNBC, and other partners.

Software Design Engineer, Microsoft Money — 1994–2006

Designed, implemented, and shipped features in almost every part of Money (versions 4.0 through 14.0), from back-end calculation engines to front-end custom UI controls, including core components of online banking, account register, budget engine, lifetime planner, and reports and charts.

Led development effort for Money 2004 (version 12.0), overseeing feature set and development schedule, and ensuring a smooth release cycle.


issued September 15, 2020
Predictive Scaling of Computing Resources — #10,778,599

filed August 19, 2010
Providing Representative Samples Within Search Result Sets — applied

issued March 2, 2010
Versioning Component for Applications — #7,673,148


AP Computer Science Teacher — Hazen High School, Renton School District

In parallel with full-time employment at Microsoft, volunteered as the principal teacher for a full school-year AP Computer Science class of 30 high-school students. This entailed creating lesson plans and in-class activities, quizzes and tests, and projects, and grading all of those as well. My class performed above the national average on the 2013 AP Computer Science Exam, scoring fewer 1s and 2s, and more 3s and 4s.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science — University of Washington

Entered early via UW’s “Early Entrance Program”, enrolling at age 15 and graduating at age 19.


I can be reached via email to resume AT jaredreisinger DOT com.